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HMK 230 LC 

New H4 Series

Innovation coming from experience

Being produced with developed hydraulic system design, HİDROMEK’s new H4 Series excavators offer an outstanding performance by working faster, more productively and more efficiently. H4 Series excavators produce more work with less fuel; hence, they are more profitable for their users than ever.

More work within less time

17 % More productive*

Shortening the work cycle time with bigger bucket capacity and speed, H4 Series carry the productivity to the top level with their new technology.

21% More efficient*

With improvements to the attachment and hydraulic group, H4 Series excavators ensure more work within less time.

7% Faster *

With faster hydraulic movements due to developed hydraulic system design, H4 Series excavators ensure more work within less time.

More durable

Produced to have reinforced heavy duty construction considering maximum performance, long life and smooth operation in severe field conditions, HİDROMEK excavators ensure more durability with the improvements made in the new H4 Series. With their reinforced heavy duty construction produced at HİDROMEK’s modern production facilities and going through sensitive quality-control processes, H4 Series excavators have excellent durability.

Safe working environment


Having the standards of ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) & FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure), H4 Series excavators provide maximum safety and durability.

Wide vision capacity

Designed with giving special importance to occupational safety, H4 Series ensure excellent vision by minimizing the blind spot on the side and rear cameras. Along with the increase in the number of led headlights, the night vision is significantly improved on H4 Series excavators; in addition, there are also red handles and warning labels providing maximum safety for the operator.

Audio warning systems

H4 Series excavators enable safer working environment with their automatic starting horn, swing warning system and travel warning system.

*The data are prepared in comparison with the previous serie in HP mode.

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